Seven habits from Japan that can change your life


I recently saw a lovely video from a minimalist guy I have followed lately!

He mentioned how to be a minimalist. 

How to be a minimalist!
Lately, I have seen a lovely video about seven habits that can change your life!
And the essential part is that it comes from one of the countries I admire regarding their culture!
It's from Japan
So here is the point of this habit!
  1. Clean your toilet!
    1. It regards Fengshui, that the more clean your toilet, the lucky you have. Also, cleaning your bathroom will make your day great because every time you return to your bathroom, you will have a great mood.
  2. Tidy your room
    1. When you tidy your room, you will feel you are in control.
  3. Tidy your shoes
    1. When you tidy your shoes, you feel ready to go out! And well, it's nice to be seen as well!
  4. Put your body in good posture.
    1. In Japan, they say an excellent mind comes from a great posture! So make your posture good, and you will have a better sense.
  5. Sleep early, wake up!
    1. Sleep early and wake up early; the feeling of waking up early makes you feel that you are ready for your day!
  6. Be happy with what you have.
    1. The desire to see what others have can torture you, and you might not feel content! So why not see what you have?
  7. Say, thank you to others that already make your day suitable!
    1. Say, thank you to others for helping you!
Wow, it's incredible how small things can change you!
Since it's my blog! So I want to add some points from my side!
Bonus point!
  1. Write a journal about your day.
    1. Writing a journal about your day is an investment for the future! You will know and learn what you want to do and have and what you don't want to repeat, something that makes you not feel so good, you don't want to repeat.
  2. Listen, morning Jazz!!!
    1. That makes you sound as well!

Dimas Mukhlas W

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