How to use if expression in Stata and whats for


So let me tell you some story. 

You need to labeling the data that you are working on, or you need to create a dataset where you want to label things, and you dont know how to do it! It means you need an if expression. The power of if expression is you can exclude the file that you dont want to add! And thats the magic of labeling, the only make you work with the data that is relevant for you. 

As I promise in the video that I will give you the link so here is the link and also the command in Stata for the video above. 

Download the data first 
use, clear
list, sep(0)
Practice in generating a new column / variable 
generate urbanized = popurb/pop
summarize urbanized
For example we want to generate variable name urbanized 
replace urbanized = 100*urbanized
How to use the 
1. If expression in range
So if expression can be used in a range. For example hre you want to exclude any small number of popultion. So if can be used to exclude them. 
if expression
to create popularion
generate medagel = medage if pop > 5000
sort state
list state region medagel, sep(0)
2. if exp in with indicator boolean
So if you want to make sure that the group is correct. It can work as true false. Here is the example 
generate smallpop = 0
replace smallpop = 1 if pop <= 5000
generate largepop = 0
replace largepop = 1 if pop > 5000
list state pop small pop largepop, sep(0
3. Using if exp by varlist
So if you want to use the boolean with the varlist like, number of variable 
summarize medage marr divr if region==1 cl

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