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The subsystem trap

The subsystem trap in modern Economy

In the economy, there is a theory name as a subsystem way of life. It means that we as a human try to provide our life with our own way. We try to provide food by putting a potato in our garden and so on. Soon after that, we know the economic theory that has the sense to give a better life for other human beings by doing a transaction. And this transaction will improve life not only a person but a nation. 

Revieweing book of homo sapiens

Lately I am interested with book of homo sapiens. 

Pengalamanku mengajar di Brainly

Brainly award 2015

Terima kasih sudah gabung di Brainly! Yuk bersama kita majukan pendidikan di Indonesia. 

Mungkin itulah kata kata yang pertama saya sampaikan sewaktu saya bertemu dengan anggota baru atau moderator baru yang baru saja bergabung di Brainly. Dan tak terasa sudah hampir 6 tahun saya bersama Brainly berusaha mengembangkan platform pendidikan di Indonesia ini. 

What is the most important in developing a startup? Question for me or you

Its been a while for me working in a startup, owning a startup, feel the up and down in startup and see what is the most important to have them. I think soon I will post this in my Youtube channel in 

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