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Thursday, 16th July 2020, Brainly and Smartfren held a webinar with the theme of the new education transformation into a new normal. The strategy of creating an effective online learning post-COVID-19 pandemic. 

The event was attended by the ministry of education representative, Dra. Isti Triasih, Slamet Suparmaji, the VP of Smarfren, my self, Erik Gordon from Poly, and Mohammad Arief from Product manager Smartfren. The event was last for 2 hours discussed the role of technology to help students, teachers, and parents to excel and succeed in the learning. 

Every presenter presented their idea, such as Pak Slamet described how Smartfren already helped students and teachers that if it accumulated, it's already 46 million minutes, the learning activity using the bandwidth from smartfren. 

My self from Brainly presented our new research about the student feedback during and post-pandemic. Also, the idea that right now the education can not be more into the teacher center but into student-oriented. It's not easy to control what students see during their learning hours. Therefore the teacher needs to promote awareness among students that they are the ones who decide their success. 

Meanwhile, Mohammad Arif described also the exclusive relationship between smartfren and Zoom apps. How the usage of Zoom can make the learning process become more fun and engaging. 

The last one Erik Gordon, talked about how the headset technology that has been developed by Poly, can create learning online become more effective and accurate. 

If you missed out the presentation, hereby the presentation about Active learning from home. It starts at minute 50:45

The event was going fun also because for every session, there was a door prize that makes the audience keep engage and ask a question. 

Hopefully, a similar event can happen soon. I am also so excited to see how the development of learning online will flourish in the archipelago. 

In this moment I also want to say thank you for Smartfren, especially Mbak Mery and Mas Robert who actively contacting us from Brainly. Also mbak Mery K that active in contacting media so Suara Surabaya, Kilas Jatim, Surabaya Pagi, Portal Sidoarjo, Kabar Gress, Medcom,,, and Kabar Aktual wrote about our webinar stories. 


Krynica, 16th July 2020

In regards of the event, I also have prepared the survey that I hope if you have time to fill it then I would like you to spend 1-2 minutes to fill them. 

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