PhD Journey Day 6 Preparation in writing effective journal


It turns out that it's still tough to continue writing a paper. However, some concepts are still not very understandable when you want to publish in a journal.

So here are some steps in preparing yourself before. 

A couple of things that usually I forget. This is very much inspired by the Udemy course by Muhammad Noori Link.

  1. 1. Having all the material ready in one document. Usually, you write where your material is not ready yet in one place. 
  2. 2. follow the guidelines, for example, the guidance on publishing in an Elsevier journal to Elsevier. Remember when you apply to some school, you cant visit and come just wearing a rock and roll dress. Check what is on the author side. 
  3. 3. Before you start 
    1. Write down in ideas form.
    2. Spend time thinking about the content 
    3. General outline for the paper 
      1. What is the message of the paper
      2. What is the result or contribution you want to describe
      3. What do you want to convince people of 
      4. You need to identify 
      5. Summarize these ideas in bullets that each will eventually become a paragraph 
      6. Organize bullets in a logical structure, and develop them into a few key sentences (do not worry about the correctness, details at this point)
      7. If this outline is convincing, the article is successful 
      8. At this, have a colleague review your outline
  4. Structure and Function 
    1. Most engineering or science journals have the following well-accepted format.
      1. Title 
      2. Abstract (followed by Key Words)
      3. Introduction
      4. Methods 
      5. Results
      6. Discussion
      7. Summary and conclusion
      8. Acknowledgement 
      9. References 
    2. The manuscript is telling a story. The strong parts of the story are the introduction and discussion - the link between these must be clear. 
    3. The research question/theme/topic posed as the need of the introduction must be answered at the beginning of the discussion. 
    4. You don't have to tell the entire story (word limit). You may consider two papers 

How to write each section 

So I found a couple of books that can help in stress testing for macroprudential performance. 

And big credit risk

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