Why we better not to do multitasking


We live in the world of multitasking, one hand the remote control to TV and left hand phone with the eyes going to our MacBook pro and our leg kicking the ball. We impersonate the gods in Hindu that could do everything in one second. Why it could be happening this way? Is it good? Can our bodies handle them? 

Let's find out the answer. 

Nowadays during the moment of a pandemic outbreak like today. Many of us are forced and finally get used to working from home. The condition at home that suits us to have more facility that it's not only related to work but also many different things. Because basically home is not prepared for work but for stay, enjoy life, and be flourished in any sense and purpose we want. At home, we also do not have only the material and furniture. We also have different members of the family, a kid, parent, brother, or coming by neighbor. 

The dimension of the multitasking by working from home is also made by many different scale and dimension. Its added also by the environment of our media to work. Imagine if we are a farmer, perhaps in one hour we will only drive a tractor and wait until our shift is done. One distraction perhaps only a phone that ringing from our colleague that asking how the fishing in last Sunday. But for most of us, that are categorized our self as a millennial. We usually work with a laptop. That in one chrome browser can open more than 25 tabs. And its laptop it self that has app such as Spotify, Stata, Adobe Photoshop, and many our self-called productivity app. 

If we can put into mathematical equation and one distraction we put as a power one. So first lets say we have one laptop and TV during our working time. The equation will be one power one. For example in between this writing, I already cut the apple for Jozio, coloring book with him, and have 35 minutes going by bike around the block to make some break from him watching the screen. So it means that multitasking is not only bad for our body and mind but also our body basically can't maintain them. 

So what is then the conclusion from it. Because I don't want to put this as a conundrum. What actually I want to say to you as my audience and also my self in the future is, there is a difference between being tired because of focus on one thing and tired because of multitasking. Tired because of focus on one thing made us think that we need to take some break and some retrospective about what he has been doing. Tired from multitasking is just a blank tired and confuse and yes conundrum it self. 

So how to deal with that. 

1. Make a plan on a day, what you want to do and what you want 

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