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Maybe those were the first words I said when I met new members or new moderators who had just joined Brainly. And it doesn't feel like it's been nearly 6 years that I have tried to develop this educational platform in Indonesia.

For those who follow Brainly's development, it might be familiar with my article in Kompasiana a few years ago. The report was rather provocative because of the issue that I was counter also quite proactive. If I am not mistaken, the problem is the writing from Pisa, researchers on education about Indonesian children who do not know how stupid they are.

Well, the writing is quite prophetic, but on the one hand, it has a point. Because education in Indonesia is big city-centric! It is concentrated mostly in big cities. They are located in cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Makassar, Medan, and Surabaya.

Then what about the students in an urban and rural area.

I often find the news that teachers who teach at the border mostly come from the army. It does not mean that the military is a lousy teacher, but it means that there is no more resource of the educated person in such an area to teach. The limited resources of teachers who are willing to teach outside Java. First, of course, it has difficult access. Seconds, the fees are not equal. And last but not least, the reason is away from the family.

Seeing the need for shared learning facilities, meet with the opportunities as one of the most significant Internet users in the world. Brainly entered the archipelago to solving education problems in Indonesia. Brainly can be accessed from 34 provinces in Indonesia. Based on data, it can be seen that regions such as Papua and West Papua showed significant traffic. It means that students, no matter where they are, learn from Brainly.

Seeing that phenomenon will be interesting if we can validate the story from teachers and parents. How the feedback from students also that learning at Brainly can be fun.

Here is the recipe to make those stories viral, and I hope you will contribute to those stories too.

Social currency
Being active in educational activities, whether voluntary or paid, will still improve your status. Imagine your profession as a teacher who helps not only students in one class or school. But also thousands of students in Indonesia. Tell the story of how education can change the fate of a small kid in a rural area. The knowledge not only improves the kids but perhaps the whole story of the family. Moreover, if the students are outside of Java Island or any major city in Indonesia.

The biggest trigger of being active at Brainly is the ability to be able to help with homework or exam assignments. We always talk about examinations, homework, homework, challenges, USBN preparation, SBMPTN preparation, and many other things.

Stories in education and help can sometimes be temperamental and very sentimental. Every student has the same rights, the right to get answers to questions that bother him.

Stories that are shared must also be useful and practical. And not just a concept. Therefore the story of how to help in Brainly can be a sensible recommendation that things can be put into practice.

Information on how Brainly can help is a piece of general knowledge. In the Contagious book Jones Berger, many private things can be brought into the public sphere as well. Such as concerns related to vaccines against children. It is now a national discussion in the family. The same with education and the choice to deal with the kid's homework. It is not a private issue anymore, its a public knowledge that requires public attention.

Tell my story
Nobody wants to listen to a description of a product. Likewise with Brainly products. No one wants to hear that Brainly consists of 24 subjects, each questioner has to sacrifice points and vice versa. The story certainly has its own uniqueness and appeal. Such as the following story

The example

My name is Dimas, I am currently an uncle of my niece who is in 5th grade in elementary school. Every day there is always a school assignment that requires creativity in answering. Like how to make a song for the opening of the school with Doraemon tone. Things like this are no longer familiar to me. When I tried browsing on the Internet, I found a website where millions of students shared knowledge together. They want to help me answer questions related to Doraemon's song as long as I want to teach them how to calculate mathematical calculations. When exchanging knowledge, they were very grateful, and of course, I also thank them. For those who are curious about what Brainly is, let's open the following link #brainlystory #learnwithBrainly. And the question that my nephew asked was this

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