How big is the edtech business all around the world


Education activity is one of the oldest things ever happened in the world. Since the origin of Homo Sapiens around 45 years ago. Humans already acknowledge an education. If we took to the development of modern human civilization. On average every human will spend a minimum of 12 years in education. For some countries, even more, it could go to 23 years. Start from the nursery until the person finishes his / her Ph.D.

If we take a look demographically. How big is the Ed-tech industry?


No Kode Population number Student number
1 India 1,380,004,385 260,000,000
2 United States 331,002,651 76,000,000
Indonesia 273,523,615 50,000,000
4 Brazil 212,559,417 57,000,000
5 Russia 145,934,462 ???
6 Mexico 32,000,000
7 Philippines 109,581,078 27,700,000
8 Turkey 84,339,067 25,500,000
9 France 65,273,511 2,600,000
10 Poland 37,846,611 6,000,000

Meanwhile, the number of students from such developed countries are going down. For example in Poland, the amount of University students are 57k less than last year. 

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