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Happy independence day Indonesia!

The words Independence in Indonesian is translated into Merdeka. The word Merdeka itself comes from the word Mahardika that means happiness, free, and rich.

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What I want to write here is not intended to talk about the remainder of the day only, but also the deep meaning of the word Mahardika itself. Well, I have a friend also with the name Mahardika, and he is pretty cheerful. 

But today what I want to write is more into what the word Merdeka for my self. And how I can contribute to the bigger cause for people around me. Here is some of my personal thought! Free from SEO, and other things that influence me too much about what I should write!

Merdeka here for me consists of 5 things.

1. Focus on what you like! It's always great to do things that you like most and get paid on it. Or if it's not even got paid, at least you have strong support that you can live with. What is the meaning of having so much money but in rewards you should do things that you don't like?

2. Being rich and content in your life! Carpe diem! Seize the day! You live for the recent moment! And as Michael Jordan said on the last dance! Be present! Yup be present for the moment!

3. Be kind! Do you believe in Karma? What karma has taught you! Yes, be kind! You absorb so many great things and feel so much happier when you are kind! Sometime you will feel bad because somebody treats you badly, but it doesn't stop you to be kind!

4. Know where you are from! Even you are now working, studying, vacationing, or anything in the place where you are far from home or the place where you were born, but you always entitled to every right that coming due to the place you are coming from. If you are Indonesian then you have the right to always be happy and be grateful for the gift of independence that has been presented by people before you.

5. Always remember what your parent, grandparent, grand-grand parent fighting for. To get independence is not easy, we as Indonesian has been colonized by Dutch, Japanese, Portugese, and English for three and half centuries. If we take a look on the book of Harrari of the history of homo sapiens, all these colonized countries are struggling and never got any right for free. They should fight for it! So remember about it, your right is not a gift, you should fight or at least at this recent is reminding people about it.

Once again from me! Happy Independence day! Even on the Covid-19 situation, the day is still historical and be proud to be remembered!

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