20 best talking parents blog for a new and experience father


21 best dad blogs

Coming from my own experience, the hustle in the family that can end up in a healthy, happy environment, productivity, and many different important things always ends up in raising kids. It's happening because we spend most of the time not for our self, our interest, or our priority, but it's all based on the kid's priority! Therefore it's important to learn and get a deep understanding of how to be a parent, especially being a dad. I am a father of two boys, very active, melodramatic, and entertaining/annoying, and therefore I will bring all this content from the real event.

To save you the hassle of an extensive Google search, we’ve put together a list of the 19 best dad blogs:

1. Fatherly

More than one of the best dad blogs, Fatherly is a full-blown digital empire for adult males. It’s then no surprise that you can find pretty much everything under the sun in these popular parts. We’re talking about entertainment, gear, health, news, financial planning, and, of course, parenting advice. Should you be a father, consider this your one-stop shop for all the coverage you could desire.

Year Founded: April 2015

Founder: Michael Rothman, Simon Isaacs

Country: New York, United States

2. All Pro Dad

All-Pro Dad takes a truly intensive and supportive approach to modern parenting, thereby transcending its status as one of the best dad blogs. To join the team is to gain access to a much broader community of like-minded fathers, all of whom are trying to be better parents. Should you get in with a local chapter, you’ll be invited to monthly and/or annual events, each one centred around relationship building. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the newsletter to receive daily advice on your parenting game. Welcome to the pros, gentlemen.

Year Founded: 1991

Founder: Mark Merrill, Tony Dungy

Country: Tampa, Florida, United States

3. Skint Dad

As if it wasn’t already obvious, being a dad can get ridiculously expensive. If you’re struggling to balance budgets and save money while still trying to enjoy life, you owe it yourself to visit Skint Dad. Here, you’ll come across budgeting pointers, moneymaking tips, exclusive deals, contests, and more. It’s like a giant life hack rolled into a dad blog and one of the best dad blogs at that.

Year Founded: August 2013

Founder: Ricky and Naomi Willis

Country: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

4. Fathercraft

Fathercraft wants dads to have support. They offer resources and tools for the modern father, including product reviews, parenting tips, and stories from our own experience. Their goal is to dramatically enrich the lives of fathers who want to become more and, through them, enrich the lives of their children. The team put 18 months of development into Father’s Ed, including flying to NYC to interview a pediatric sleep expert, interviewing a firefighter, and much much more. With tonnes of great feedback from new and expecting dads, this is one of the best dad blogs around.

Year Founded: 2021

Founder: Paul and John (brothers-in-law)

Country: Denver, Colorado

5. The Father Hood

Made for Aussies by Aussies, Father Hood highlights the kind of proactive parenting we can all rally behind. In other words, this is not a site for couch potatoes and deadbeats. Instead, it’s Australia’s #1 place for dads who give a damn. Sign up today.

Year Founded: 2018

Founder: Jeremy Macvean, Andrew McCutchen, Luke Benedictus

Country: Australia

6. HighTechDad

Another geek dad blog of the highest order, HighTechDad, pays tribute to the wonders of modern gear and gadgetry. Prepare to find intensive reviews, trusty gift guides, breakdowns, lists, tips, and giveaways. Putting it all together is Michael Sheehan (aka HighTechDad himself), a content marketing manager with a love of technology, a widespread social media presence, and three teenage daughters.

Year Founded: January 1994

Founder: Michael Sheehan

Country: San Francisco, California, United States

7. Direct Advice for Dads

Direct Advice for Dads (or DAD for short) does exactly what it says it does, offering real-life advice from fathers who have seen and been through it all. That makes it one of the best blogs for first-time dads because it answers every conceivable question you might have before you’ve even asked it. Of course, no matter how many kids you’re raising, there’s still plenty of insight to reap from these articles. After all, does a father really ever stop learning how to parent?

Year Founded: 2016

Country: Australia

Check it out

8. Dad Info

Looking for answers to parenting questions? Free advice from experts? A community where you can go back and forth with other dads? Well, you’ll found all that and more here at Dad Info, a UK-based site that’s been providing all kinds of support since 2008. Naturally, it’s one of the best dad blogs on the Internet.

Year Founded: 2008

Country: Kent, England

9. Designer Daddy

Brent Almond is Designer Daddy, a lovable gay man who delivers sass and style to blogging and parenting alike. Brent’s background as a graphic designer and illustrator results in a colourful, creative, and thoroughly accessible website, where the content remains personal no matter how universal the topic. Is it one of the best dad blogs on the Internet? You bet it is.

Year Founded: November 7, 2010

Founder: Brent Almond

Country: United States

10. How to Be a Dad

Don’t be fooled by the name – How to Be a Dad is still learning the art of parenting just as much as you are. However, the site is more than happy to entertain and share various insights, making it a terrific first-time dad blog, among other things. Come for the laughs, stay for the wisdom. Just don’t expect an instruction manual because life doesn’t come with one, and true parenting doesn’t either.

Year Founded: 2010

11. The Brag Dad

Another veritable retreat for Australian fathers, The Brag Dad delivers compulsively readable coverage regularly and even uploads user videos. Whether you’re looking for quality parenting hacks, interesting perspectives, helpful advice, relatable vlogs or more, you’ll most definitely find it here. As it turns out, being a good dad is something to brag about.

Year Founded: 2018

Country: Australia

12. The Ball is Live

Taking the name from some event in the sport, that the ball is live. Means you are still in the game!

Year Founded: December 2016

Founder: Dimas Mukhlas Widiantoro

Country: Krakow, Poland

13. Out With the Kids

An experienced writer, photographer, sports-lover, and traveller Jeff Bogle shares his journey as a parent on Out With The Kids. Previously named by both Mashable and Huffington Post as one of the best dad blogs, the site provides travel tips, photography, lifestyle coverage, financial advice, and so much more. It’s also a window into Jeff’s world, as he and the family visit various global destinations. Consider Out With the Kids a perennial reminder that the adventure is only just beginning when you have kids.

Year Founded: May 2006

Founder: Jeff Bogle

Country: Philadelphia, PA, United States

14. Lunchbox Dad

Proving that some of the best dad blogs are the ones with a solid niche, Lunchbox Dad delivers fresh and exciting ideas for kids’ lunches. It’s brought to you by Beau Coffron, a father of three who’s appeared on numerous media outlets and contributed to a range of other blogs. Here on Lunchbox, Dad, expect to find healthy, inventive lunches that your kids will adore. Also featured are product reviews and some general articles on parenting. For stay-at-home dads, in particular, this one is a must.

Year Founded: September 8, 2012

Founder: Beau Coffron

Country: Oklahoma City, United States

15. Parental Damnation

Parental Damnation is a dad blog run by a dad for dads. Robbie gets down to the barebones of parenthood, providing insights and answers to questions that dads have. It’s a simple formula, but that’s exactly what you want parenthood to be, right? Simple. He’s an experienced writer, previously working as a sports journalist and then SEO specialist. But these days, Robbie works for himself, running one of the best dad blogs on the web. While this blog is primarily focused on parenting, it also offers plenty of men’s lifestyle content.

Tune in to the Parental Damnation’s Instagram for the best (and worst) dad jokes on the internet.

Year Founded: 2020

Founder: Robbie

16. Dad or Alive

One of the world’s best stay-at-home dad blogs is downright hilarious from the get-go. Specifically, Dad or Alive provides the “confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad” named Adrian Kulp. A veritable personality (and published author), Kulp offers his clever take on everything from food to travel to toilet training. This dad blog is the most classic sense of the concept, and all readers are welcome.

Year Founded: 2010

Founder: Adrian Kulp

Country: Greater Nashville Area, TN, United States

17. The Daddy Style Diaries

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a father doesn’t mean giving up on the things you love most. Keep your fingers on the pulse of fashion, gear, apparel, gadgetry, cars, sports, and more by scoping The Daddy Style Diaries, where fatherhood and lifestyle are pursued with equal passion.

Year Founded: December 2015

Founder: Jeff Segura

Country: Houston, Texas, United States

18. No Idea What I’m Doing: A Dad Blog

Sometimes it’s best to tell it like it is. So goes No Idea What I’m Doing, where the articles are helpful, and the overall vibe is truly candid, to say the least. Running the site is a man named Clint (with help from his wife, Mel), who grew up without a father and knew all too well about the importance of parenting. That said, he’s still figuring things out daily. And let’s be honest: so are you.

Year Founded: 2010

Founder: Clint Edwards

Country: Oregon, United States

19. The Apocalypse Daddy

The Apocalypse Daddy is a snapshot of parenting and fatherhood advice who enjoy being entertained when reading advice. While in its infancy, the site has already gained many fans due to its witty writing with movie parodies, mindset training and remote learning with an all-consuming narrative of fun and energy.

Year Founded: 2020

Founder: Mark Fielding

Country: United States

20. Dad Website

True to its name, The Dad Website is…well…a website for dads. It’s also one of the best dad blogs on the Internet. On these pages, you’ll find interviews with celebrity dads and regular dads alike, along with choice articles about family-related products and trends. That’s all joined by reviews of things like movies and beer. After all, what dad doesn’t love movies and beer?

Year Founded: December 2016

Founder: Fergus Donaldson, Daniel Lewis, Phil Van Bruchem

Country: Melbourne, Australia

Current rating: 5



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